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  • Why Do Business With CAPMAR?

    We won't promise you a three-fold increase in your sales. We do know that with just your own efforts, and our assistance and support, you will see an increase in your sales and commissions.The people at Capmar have over 80 years of combined experience helping agents like yourself. Read More
  • Let Us Help You Shop Your Next Case

    With CAPMAR, you are with the most capable agents in the life insurance business. We will “shop” your case to other life insurance companies to find the best rate available. After careful analysis our agents will send you their recommendation. Read More
  • Get Your agent Identity & Website

    Once you have established your target market or markets, contact us to discuss market specific brochures that can easily be customized with your agency information. Choose from Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Senior Planning, Annuities and more. Read More
  • Capmar Bonus Incentive Program

    Capital Marketing Group is proud to introduce its Annual Bonus Incentive Program for all agents and MGAs. Our goal is to grow as a company and increase sales with this new incentive program and give us the opportunity to recognize and reward the achievements of our agents! Read More
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Why Do Business With CAPMAR?

We will not promise you a three-fold increase in your sales. But we do know that with your own efforts, and our assistance and support, you will see an increase in your sales and commissions.

The people at Capmar have over 80 years of combined experience helping agents like yourself. You'll see positive results using  the CAPMAR Target Marketing Programs, Lead Generation Program and our "Hands On" Support system. When you add the Weekly Sales Ideas from our MDRT producers and make use of our consumer Seminar Presentations plus our Monthly Case Studies Report on TRAC...You can guess what direction your sales are going by now.

Administrative Support
The real key is total agent support. Without it, your sales may increase but they won't stay up. Our Administrative Service Support includes your personal account executive, weekly on-line pending status reports and a direct 1-800 toll free access to underwriters for unique and problem cases.

World Class Advanced Computer Support
You'll have complete Tapestry, Journey, and Estate Tax Analysis Programs. In addition, you'll receive CAPMAR's unique copyrighted Client Tracking System program.

Highly Rated Product Service
It goes without saying that our companies are the highest rated with A.M. Best, Duff & Phelps and Standard & Poor's. You'll find that their key financial ratios are among the strongest in the industry. All our products are rated in the top five in the latest A.M. Best. Report.

Compensation and Fast Money
We've structured the compensation for high first year GA commissions with annualization available for qualified producers. When policies are issued and paid, commissions are paid weekly. Commissions can be electronically transferred

CAPMAR will provide individual and agency marketing support to assist you with your logo, brochures, sales literature, prospecting materials, consumer presentations, case design and product selection, direct mail campaigns, target marketed video tapes, personal web page design, e-commerce accounts, and additional services to help establish or enhance your target market.

CAPMAR offers personal account executives and an advanced software package to assist you with contracting and licensing, proposal preparation, underwriting guidelines, application completion, status on pending cases, policy owner service forms, software illustration, web access to all your applications and new business forms in addition to shopping your substandard cases.

CAPMAR will participate in and co-host a regional recruiting seminar in your area to build your agency and your block of business. We'll help design the actual recruiting mailer and obtain the agent addresses for these national seminars. Ask about our target specific recruiting videos and cd-rom presentations.

CAPMAR will participate in Agent Training Seminars for your agents and show your field force how to do business with us. In addition we'll share opportunities available to you for networking, developing peer relationships and how to gain new insights from some of the most influential speakers in the industry. We'll also keep you up to date on the latest technology in the industry to help keep you competitive in your target market. 



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